Sex is viewed differently by both the sexes. It is hence experienced in a different way by both. While both the sexes aim at having it well and feeling pleasure it may so happen that one doesn’t quiet feel that they have enjoyed it as much.

Sex is the touching of both man and woman or any two or more person to have fun, to enjoy, to feel good, and to go deeper into a relationship. The core reason behind having sex depends upon the individuals mind and life. If one wants physical satisfaction and the other wants love to grow fonder then it may cause rift between two individuals later after knowing the truth. It goes without saying that a clear communication about the same would clear the air. It is then up to the two to either accept the truth or deny it and keep seeking your aim using sex. It gets very easy for someone to get emotionally hurt if in the end, the aim is not fulfilled. Hence, it is best to give these issues a thought before doing it.

In some cases women use sex to be extra pampered or romance for having to sex. When these results are not met, they may get a bit sarcastic after realizing things are just the same. The man looks satisfied and calm but the woman feels neglected or worse, being used. If this sarcasm is not dealt with soon, it may become a habit and lower the happiness quotient and expectations of a better life internally. Human is an animal born with many dreams and aspirations which never end and increases with either the fulfillment or replacement of dreams. It works in one’s favor to keep working for a better life which keeps one happy and active.

Nagging, taunting, cheating, ill-treating, belittling, judging, hating and insulting someone for not doing what you want in return of sex in a rather wrong attitude because sex is not a trade where you get something in return. You enjoy it mutually because you decided to do it mutually. If the other partner is not willing or ready to give you what you want then it is something he/she won’t do in any condition. You must try to accept facts and know that you have to live on your own which you could because everyone is capable of surviving in this world and also to have fun.

Those who are lied get you to bed also must know that nothing is lost after sex. You are still the same person. The sun rises and gives vitamin D the same way, the tress give oxygen which you inhale and your day offers to give you ample opportunities to work and live a good life your way provided you want to live on your own or you want to still depend on someone to love you etc.

It is a rather good feeling to find a partner who is happy to decide for themselves, who feel that they could do many other things when a date is cancelled, who like doing what they enjoy on bed, who could smile while having sex instead of acting that they are enjoying being touched with no attempt of their own etc.

Sex is not where you keep thinking whether you are looking good at this, whether you will be ugly after doing that, whether he/she will laugh at your fantasy or whether I should be like a static statue for giving pleasure. You are expected to be enjoying yourself in the act which involves ‘both’ of you. This should be understood. Imagine having to seek approval all the time or always having to make the first move where in a day or a few days twice or thrice sex happens, you are the one who has to go and start it yourself and sometimes instead of being appreciated, you are told things like, “you can’t keep your hands off me, I don’t want to do it, why can’t you let me do my work, I have a lot of work” and so on. A relationship moves forward sometimes in a minutes time or sometimes with much effort. Moving forward, being okay with each other, letting go of disturbing acts, smiling together and at the end of the day looking forward to having another day together with its own surprises is what happens when things move and when they are let to move. Being a happy seems so cliché but it is the best place to be in because you have created it yourself. Don’t disturb the flow of a steady relationship just because you know your partner is there for you no matter what you do. You never know what leads to what and things change forever.

Sex is intimate. It gets better with each time. It’s not a chocolate you buy on your own it involves another person with feelings and it should be attempted with caution. There are many territories to acquire. Don’t do it just to get pampered. It is a myth. Do it to do what you like. If you don’t know what you like, stay and enjoy what you experience, read about it and try things your way, yourself. Kiss not just to touch the lips but to know that this touch is going deeper in the heart in the psyche of the receiver. There are many ways of connecting with someone like chatting, sharing food, sitting together ideally even missing someone when not around is a sort of a connection. Sex is too a way of connecting which as a fact one must be aware of and do it one by one understanding the rhythm and mind of the other with their breathing, emotions seen in eyes, hand movement, space given and smiles.

It’s never too late to begin. Nothing is ever lost. You are who you were. You can’t be changed without your consent. No one can say anything magical enough to target your weakness and malign you. It is you who lets things happen. Instead of letting things happen, make things happen. Be strong by knowing your needs, your limits, your reasons for doing something, your innocence, and always be ready to live life on your own if life takes you there. Don’t be afraid.


A friend makes life happy. A friend fills the emptiness within. His/ her presence is enough to release your tension and angst. A friend is not only someone who walks with you wherever you go, he/ she also teaches you how to live.

Friends are a mirror when you can’t face yourself, they are your helpers when you can’t think on your own and they intend you to be at ease at all times. With this, they make you cry out of joy and fear of losing them. They don’t only compliment you when you deserve or expect one; they also slap you on your face when you cross your limits. Such is a friendship of a true friend.

Distance doesn’t stop communication between friends as their hearts always seek each other. Their biggest joy or achievement is never enjoyed alone. It completes with the involvement of their friend. A friend is truer than family and makes you even better a person than a book. Their intuition or idea work better for you than your own. They make you take the tougher road when they believe it is for your good. They have their share of problems but they never leave you alone or give you a cold shoulder. A friend never desires to say a ‘No’ to you.

A friend is a support who stays even if you are stressing them when you are in distress. A friend is needy of your time, presence and true expression. A friend desires your love and your sacrifice. You would give up on your leisure for a friend. You may spend time with them doing nothing or just talking leaving something important away because your friend wants to see you right then. A friend is as much a giver as much as they are waiting for you to give back. There is no one who comes in between true friendship and everyone just fits well.

You are more patient, loving, understanding, giving, and with a better living because of a friend. Listen well to everything they say and do it without fail or when you remember it. They make you a better person to be ready to achieve and fulfill your innermost desires and dreams. They learn and direct you better than you could yourself. Love them, respect them, and never leave them for new ones or any other reason. Make time for them and respond each time to a friend.

Your Personal Scanner

We all are scanned by circumstances individually. We all must go through this scanning without escaping. Even those who escape get caught into some other scanner. What is this scanner type? It is those experiences that we must face without fail. We all start the same way at childhood but we start changing according to our priorities and needs. If you feel that someone is more blessed or is luckier than you because they have something you don’t have, then it’s a misunderstanding. For those who have more had to handle have more responsibilities too. They do it well and so what they have stays with them.

There are many who handle responsibilities well. They continue having more and more. But those who don’t value what they have, lose it. You might have lost something you had because you didn’t seem to care too much. Haven’t you? Therefore those who seem to be having more than others have also worked harder to keep it going. Constantly living up to expectations is a tough job. For those who like to live freely and take each day as it comes, it is unlikely for them to stick to a routine and take regular care of what they have. Be ready to have a strange feeling in your stomach when you are given something to do ‘officially’. It is easy. Just start it and it will take care of itself. You know it!

Each individual goes through problems. These problems could be categorized based on the individuals priorities. If you give more importance to ‘A’ and less to ‘B’ then you will be involved with the problem solving of ‘A’. This way what you do, how you do it and what you seek differs from individual to individual. Life poses everyone with good and no so good times. It is up to you what you give more importance and what you don’t. It is best you spare a thought to set your priorities. Life has many phases like learning, school, work, being a spouse, being parents and so on. This framework is shared by everyone.
An individual changes his attitude according to what he cares for the most. Some independent women suddenly change to dependent ones because they crave for a caring partner. Just to see how much he cares, they may act like they need support when actually they could handle things themselves. This could be subconscious so they may not really know that they could work on this attitude. As a reaction to the dependent attitude, one’s partner may act the other way round instead by being confused with your behavior.

Like mentioned earlier, you could spare a thought and try to understand why you behave in a certain way and if there is a better way of being in your life. You live once, then why lose yourself to a need which may or may not be fulfilled? A reality check may open up many aspects to you. You could be stronger and not be emotionally dependent on anyone. This is the key to happiness and true freedom. Your happiness and your decisions are not dependent on anyone else’s consent. If you could deal with the daily problems well and pose a positive attitude at these times you could be happy forever. Don’t take ill treatment from close ones, be independent and see them change their attitude towards them. Try doing what you want to do and see how one thing leads to another. With time you will master the art of living well.

Life Must Go On

Everybody is blessed, so think don’t fidget with anyone. Each one among you is protected by someone alive or dead. Hence when you trouble someone unnecessarily you face troubles unnecessarily. Unnecessarily because your troubles may not come from the same person you troubled, it could be from anywhere unknown. Some people scream in their sleep because of the fear of forgotten memories.

One of the best ways to get rid of an unknown trouble or fear is to feed another unknown person by way of charity or donation. Next, forgive others, apologies in your mind or to the person in person. This sets you free from its memories when happier times come your way. Remember the times when you felt happy and suddenly a bad memory stops you from smiling? Forgive and let go of those who have troubled you. It is best for both. Some people never do anything about it. It stays on with them until their last breath.

A bird may come and sit on your head but it must be flown away by you. You could smile and experience the freshness in the air by feeling only that and freeing your mind of other thoughts. Timeliness sets you free and gives you a start to having a good life. When you are disciplined in terms of waking up, getting fresh, working on time and sleeping on time you get emotionally detached from painful memories, slow and steady. But it happens for sure. Procrastination may work the other way round.

Rules were laid down since people stopped doing their work on their own. There exists a ‘No’ because there wasn’t a ‘Yes’ at the right place. You are asked not to do certain things because you do not do the things that you must do. Guidelines or instructions exist because you avoid, procrastinate and replace work with other things. When you know that you could have done a work at hand better than how you were asked to do, then you get into the mould of agreeing with people.

When you have a better understanding of something then why not speak it up tactfully with a smile or discuss it with a friend? At times you are asked before staring it. This is the time when you should put forth your ideas and see if something changes. You could try. Freedom of expression is important which should be exercised freely but responsibly. If it is good for them, they may consider it.

Those who do not believe in what they are saying sound confused. If your affirmations sound confusing, it loses credibility. To sound firm and commanding, you need to research on things as much as needed. For your personal needs and for more crucial matters you could press harder to get it done your way. Sometimes you have to convince even God to fulfill your needs, be ready for humans!

All these things are connected. You may not connect them yourself but awareness of the present situation is important. Awareness is the key to the lock of life which needs to be used responsibly. Having a responsible attitude throughout your life will take you a long way. Responsibility adjusts reactions and behaviors in such a way that you remain free from making most mistakes and make a good impression. You seem like a more reliable person than others who are not responsible.

You may not be aware of certain things which may lead to you underestimating it and losing it temporarily. Think of all the things that are important to you and write them down on a paper once for your mind to absorb it. A quick scribble could also do it. Later, whenever you learn something related to it, your mind will automatically connect the information and enrich you. This is the working of the sub conscious mind. You don’t have to do anything to it. If you experience something great through someone else or something, you could experience it in your life too someday.

Many Voices One Decision

When you have to make a conscious decision based on the given circumstances, there are many things you wonder about. For one, you want to make the right decision which you won’t regret later. Likewise, there are other factors that influence you to change your mind for a different outcome. Such a situation is not rare nor is it something that happens to a counting few.

The right decision is always the Right decision. Yes, the so called, age old right path that you have known forever. you start wondering what to do when you want to waver from the absolute choice and do something else because you think it is better or different. Doing something adventurous or doing something new is not what is suggested here not to do. Here, it is about those choices where taking a wrong step will cause you or someone or something damage.

In such situations you hear many voices that come from within you part from suggestions from friends, relatives etc. It is good to hear everyone and best to come to a conclusion and decide on your own. Not because this way you don’t have someone else to be blamed to have influenced you to make the wrong decision but because you know what is best for and what the situation demands. Even if you take a decision suggested by someone else, you yourself are responsible for it because you agreed to it. Do you agree everything that person suggests? Understanding the various voices and its strengths is what you will see here.

One voice is yours. This one knows what you have seen and been through and what you want. This voice may make a desperate action ignoring the sensitivity of the situation. Another voice is from your heart. Similar to your own reasoning voice is the voice of your heart as this knows what you want, which may be materialistic, yet suggests you to go and get it or to do it. Then there is the voice of your experience. This voice has seen time and knows to calm down when required. Listen to it if you believe that it is matured. Being calm, not being tempted and being tolerant are some of its benefits. This voice seems to be one of the most difficult ones to follow as it may also require you to give up for now depending upon the situation and hinting you subconsciously about future opportunities.

There is also a voice of a rebel which tells you to just do what you want come what may. This step may become the most drastic one of your life or the one you may regret for the rest of your life, but the voice of the rebel in you won’t stop. It is advisable to stay calm and try to calm this voice too. You may forget a good decision but a bad decision hurts and affects in the form of guilt, regret and disappointments. Making a collective decision is easy to say but difficult to make. Everyone knows what is best for them. It is while doing those does a thought lingers that suggests that everything is coming your way really easy. It would be more fun if you had some fun getting them, hence the hindrances. Which means you yourself create trouble for yourself because you see easy as boring and don’t see beyond it that life has many challenges once the easy ones are sorted. How far will you go in time if you are messed up at this stage?

Straighten your paths, pick the voice that you already know is the best one even if it looks too easy, too good or totally religious. Just because religious books have it does not mean you don’t do it because you will be laughed at or thought of as uncool. No one has the copyright of good things. Do it no matter what. Religion does not preach it because it is religiously correct but because it is healthy in day to day life. This aspect is mentioned here not to disrespect religion but it is for those who shun away from it or have double thoughts because it is mentioned in a Book. And for those who do the best thing anyway may continue to do so.